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14 December 2011


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Jenny Spins

I think they are pretty easy to understand, mainly because they have sooo many pictures in them! I bought my copies in Japan! They are very very hard to find in the United States. I do not know of anyone currently stocking them in the states right now. I suggest making some penpal friends in Japan, and seeing if they will find some for you! I will be caring some books soon at www.Takaratown.com I have not found a source for this one yet, but I will have many others that have to do with clay and miniature making.


Are these books easy to understand for beginners even tho it's in Japanese? If so, where can these be bought? thanks~


Hi! Thank you for this book preview, it was very helpful! ^.^ I was wondering , where did you buy the very first book that you got? I would like to buy that. Thanks!

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