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15 December 2011


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Emmarie Cruz

Hi just want to ask where and how can order those book, cause i want to have one and try all that delicious designs.Thank You.


where can i buy the decorated mats?


Hi, i am very grateful for placing this recipe and pictures of junko's book . And i have one request for you could you email me the pattern cause in my country it is impossible to get this book . Moreover i really want to make this roll cake

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great man :D


I am interested in purchasing a copy of this book. Any websites you can share with me to order one.

Jenny Spins

Karen: Can you post where you got it?


I got the Chinese translated version of the book and the silicon sheets. They are easy to make, pretty and simply delicious!


this is great! i just about to buy a book yesterday, but your info. is even better with a VDO...thanks a lot...


Does this book cone with the silicon sheets and templates?


Amazon has this book for sale: http://www.amazon.com/Decoration-Roll-Cake-Korean-JUNKO/dp/8940698959/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1367356199&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=%22Roll+Cake+Patterns%22+junko

Good luck!! Abby

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This is insane!! I had no idea it was possible to bake something that cute!!


Hi, Just bought the books on Amazon Japan, and they are shipping to the U.S. . Not sure what I will do since they are not in English....Do you know of any tutorial in English ( especially the cake part)?... Thanks!


wah..thank you for reviewing this book. :) At least I can try it.. I actually looked for this book a while ago and my friend from Japan gave me link to amazon. I saw it on amazon.co.jp. I wanna buy it... Hope it is still sold there..

Jenny Spins

Nice Cake Recipe Foodie Baker! I went to the link on your post, and your cake looks tasty. I have not tried baking it yet, but I am inspired! Thanks for the link!

Jenny Spins

This book is not available in english.


Hi, is this book printed in English? If so where can I purchase it? Thank you, Quyen

Jasline (Foodie Baker)

I baked a version of her cake using her recipe! I love the effect of the cake and will definitely be trying out more! I've blogged about it here: http://foodiebaker.com/2012/12/23/chocolate-log-cake-with-varlhona-chocolate-mousse-a-healthier-version

jenny spins

Here is a basic Roll Cake Ingredients list for the cake part. You can add food coloring to different batches of the same mixture to make all the different colors.

Please look at the other links below for more recipes, and a how to make the cake and mix the ingredients.

70g Cake Flour
3 eggs
60g caster sugar ( super fine )
2 tsp Milk or water

Here is one link:
Hey check this out..someone sent me a link to this page : http://cakecentral.com/tutorial/decorated-swiss-roll-cake

Here is another one:
Here is another website featuring a similar concept and recipe:


can i have the recipe for the decorated?

takara town

Hi Maria, I have not gotton 10 people yet, but I will add you to the list. Can you send me an e-mail so that I can add you? Send it to Takaratownatgmaildotcom


We're you able to get 10 people? I really, really want this book too and luckily my mom is Japanese so can translate for me. Please add me to your list!


Hi. Congratilations. It is wonderfull
I need one of these book.
How can i get one ?

Jenny Spins

I just heard back from a company in Japan. I can get the books, and they would sell for $40 a piece, but I need 10 people to pre-order them before I buy them.

If you guys really want a copy, comment below or send me an email, then when I get 10 people I will send out paypal invoices to accept the pre-payment, and then ship them out once they arrive.

Jenny Spins

Here is another website featuring a similar concept and recipe:

Jenny Spins

I bought my copy of this book in Japan, and I have never seen a copy for sale here in the United States.

It can be hard to search for because there are several translations of the name into english.

Here are some common titles I have seen in called:

1. Chao Roll Deco building more!
Roll Cake Patterns

2. Deco would make roll! Roll cake with patterned

3.Roll cake would make more ★ Deco patterned roll! Hen and animal character

Just remember when you search for it that the authors name is Junko!

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